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Cakepops and Coffee

Cakepops and Coffee

June 2, 2020

This week's episode is truly amazing.

We were honored to interview Katie Maloney from Katie Maloney coaching. 

Katie's goal is to change the conversation around trauma, and she recently wrote a book about it called, Cake Pops and Coffee. You can find the book here.

In the episode today, we chat about trauma that Katie experienced, we discuss how she developed the book, sharing your story and how it can be positive and a negative experience, trust and everything in between.

If you have experienced trauma, or know someone who has, you need to listen to today's episode. 

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You can find her corresponding blog post here.

GRLPWR Projects

GRLPWR Projects

May 26, 2020

We are so pumped for this week's episode.

Today, we have Amanda Cowan, the founder of A.Faye PR, and GRLPWR Projects.

GRLPWR Projects an inclusive community for gals seeking growth. GRLPWR Projects is meant for you to network, collaborate, get inspired + share your story

 One of Voices of Hope's values is community and we understand the importance of community. Not only is Amanda one amazing and inspiring woman but she saw a change she wanted to make and in turn GRL PWR Projects was born.

We chat about everything from building a community, the importance of a community, how she single handed filled her entire community to virtual for COVID-19, and the latest books we are reading. 

Amanda is a dear friend of ours and we are honored to have her here today

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Amanda's corresponding blog post can be found here.

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Love, Voices of Hope

Half the Story

Half the Story

May 19, 2020

We have a really cool episode for you this week in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. 

This week, we are featuring Larissa May, also known as Larz is the founder of Half the Story. 

#HalfTheStory began when founder, Larissa May (@livinlikelarz), was juggling two lives as a student at Vanderbilt University and a fashion blogger/entrepreneur, covering NYFW for highly respected media outlets.

Behind the perfectly curated instagram feed was 17 hour workdays, debilitating anxiety, and sleep deprivation. Through industry conversations and discussions with peers she quickly realized that she was living in a world where everyone was craving a platform to share , which led to the beginning of @halfthestory.

It started as a desire to highlight our most human attributes on social media to reignite human connection in the digital space.

What began as a $800 grant for a senior art project has since become a globally recognized platform connecting people of all walks of life through sharing experiences, struggles, entrepreneurial journeys, and aspirations.

We chat about everything from how Half the Story came to be, the importance of being mindful on social media and how parents can manage their child's screen time, even during COVID-19.

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Buddy Speaks

Buddy Speaks

May 12, 2020

We are honored to introduce our guest to you today.

Her name is Shariea Shoatz and she is the Founder of The Buddy Speaks Foundation.

Buddy Speaks is an organization that provides preventative education and awareness to help end childhood sexual abuse. Workshops, videos, book signings, Q&A sessions, Radio Talks and TV Interviews are just a few of the vehicles she uses to help prevent abuse, educate and empower children and adults from experiencing the silent nature and debilitating effects of childhood sexual abuse.

Shariea and I discuss the importance of teaching consent, signs of abuse, and the body safety rules. 

You can find Shariea's corresponding blog post here.

And she has a book out called "Your Voice is your Superpower." Click here to find her book!

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Voices of Change

Voices of Change

May 5, 2020

Today I am blessed to introduce to a friend, mother and advocate, Nicole Moehring.

Nicole is one of the Founders of Voices of Change. On today's episode, we not only discuss Voices of Change, but talk about Nicole's story, her children's story, and how their is so much stigma around individuals with developmental disabilities and she and her daughter, Maci, plan to change that.

You can find Nicole's corresponding blog post here.

You can find their website here.

Disclaimer: Please note that some episodes may be triggering and we as that you care for yourself and listen at your own discretion.


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Listen, Lucy

Listen, Lucy

May 1, 2020

Today in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we have a BONUS episode!!!

I am so excited to introduce our guest. She is a friend of mine and her name is Jordan Corocan. Jordan founded the organization Listen, Lucy. Listen, Lucy began as an outlet for individuals to express themselves freely but it has grown to much more than that. She now has two books under her belt, is working day in and out in schools battling the stigma on mental illness, has launched Listen Lucy Presents, which is her speaking agency. She is one inspiring and compassionate individual.

Jordan and I discuss all things mental health, including Jordan's own story, mental health and motherhood, and everything else in between.

You can find Jordan's corresponding blog post here.

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Unapologetically Surviving

Unapologetically Surviving

April 28, 2020

Today we share with you the founders of Unapoletgtically Surviving, Brittnay, Tori, and CC. These three women are powerful and share some incredible things. We discuss the importance of establishing an support system, healing and all of the resources the Unapologetically Surviving provides. 

From Brittnay, Tori and CC: In April 2018, we created Unapologetically Surviving with the mission of being a catalyst for the healing process of survivors who have experienced interpersonal violence including, but not limited to, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, human trafficking, child abuse, stalking, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual harassment. After experiencing firsthand the many difficulties survivors experience, we often talked about how one day, twenty years from now, we would advocate for survivors through the lenses of public health and law.

Find their corresponding blog post here.

Connect with them on Instagram here. 

The Army of Survivors

The Army of Survivors

April 21, 2020

We are ecstatic for our guest today. We had the opportunity to partner with this organization during our Be a Voice this Holiday Season Campaign last year. Once we started working together and learning the amazing things that the Army of Survivors Foundation had to offer, we knew we wanted to help spread their message. Grace, the founder of the Army of Survivors, joins us today to discuss her own story of trauma, and how anger turned into advocacy. This is true story of commandry that comes from tragedy.

More information on Army of Survivors: Our organization was founded and is run by volunteers, a majority of whom are Sister Survivors of the sexual violence enabled by Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics, and the US Olympic Committee. The pain that they endured in the tragedy that played out nationally and globally motivated them to create this organization and to work to effect cultural change. With that said, this history does not belong solely to our organization and is representative of the stories of more than 505 survivors. We at The Army are continually inspired by the strength of each and every one of those survivors, and their stories motivate us to keep working toward a better world.

Please check out the Army of Survivors here.

You will find Grace's corresponding blog post here.

Disclaimer: Some of the topics in this episode can be triggering, please listen at your own discretion.

Episode 6 - We are HER

Episode 6 - We are HER

April 14, 2020

Today, we are sharing with you our 6th episode, and our guest is Stevie Croisant. Stevie is the founder of We are HER.

HER’s goal is simple: to provide a community for survivors of domestic abuse or sexual assault to become healed, empowered, and restored. HER wants to connect survivors everywhere and become a place survivors come to during their healing process.The point of HER is for everyone to understand that no matter the caliber of the abuse, each story is valuable. HER is a place of love and understanding for all.

Get ready to learn the ways that you can gain a loving and supportive community if you have been a survivor of abuse. Stevie discusses on why she started we are because she wanted to provide survivors what she had, which was support.

Stevie is truly a tremendous individual and bringing so much light into this dark world. 

Disclaimer: Please note that we do discuss topics that can be triggering so please listen at your own discretion.

You can check out We are HER here.

You can also view Stevie's corresponding blog post here.

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Episode 5 - She Will Speak Series

Episode 5 - She Will Speak Series

April 9, 2020

On our 5th episode, we had the opportunity to meet Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs, who is the founder of the She Will Speak Series.

Cheyenne saw how problematic our culture was and the way that survivors of trauma were viewed. She began sharing her story and as a result, individuals began reaching out to her and sharing their story in creative ways.  

She took her creative ability to share her story and turn it into the She Will Speak Series.

Disclaimer: We discuss triggering topics candidly in the episode. Please feel free to pause if you are ever feeling triggered, or listen with someone in your support system.


Check out Cheyenne's corresponding blog post here.

You find out more about The She Will Speak Series at https://www.shewillspeak.com