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The Well Method

The Well Method

September 29, 2020

This is our second episode dedicated to Self-Care Awareness Month, and our guest today helps women live a life of freedom and inner alignment. 

I am excited to introduce Marissa Nash.

Marissa is a Holistic Life Coach + Corporate Wellness Coach, her mission is to teach you how to tap into the wisdom of your mind, body, and soul, learn to trust your intuition, and step into your personal power both personally and professionally.

She has worked in the wellness industry for over 9 years. She has been a Certified Professional Life Coach for 5+ years, Certified Executive Coach,  a 1,000+ hour Yoga Instructor for 9+ years and she specializes in teaching self-care, meditation & mindfulness techniques to women.


Marissa and I have such an incredible conversation around holistic healing, why she started the Well Studio, and even own techniques that she has placed in her life that help her. 

Check out the episode and let us know what you think!

You can also find Marissa's cooresponding blog post here.

Find the Well Studio's website here and follow her on social media here.

Guided Awakenings

Guided Awakenings

September 1, 2020

September marks the beginning of Self Care Awareness Month and today, our guest is perfect to kick it off!

We are honored to introduce to Jere Ann who is the founder of Guided Awakenings. 

She is a Reiki Master, specializing in intuitive energy healing and crystal healing. She works to bring your gifts to the surface. 

Jere Ann joins us today not only to discuss energy healing, but to share her story and her healing from sexual violence and addiction. Just this past August, she celebrated 8 years clean and has made so many amazing strides not only in her healing but helping others heal. She is truly an inspiration and I know that her story is going to help so many people. 

She also gives an overview on Chakra's and energy healing. 

We hope you find this episode encouraging and inspiring, and don’t forget to check out Guided Awakenings at https://guidedawakenings.net/ and on social media @guided_awakenings and @Jereannelizabeth

Voices Beyond Assault

Voices Beyond Assault

August 25, 2020

This week's guest on the Unveil your Voice Podcast and Blog is Brianna Michelle.

Brianna Michelle is on a mission to bring more awareness to the epidemic of sexual assault, and refuses to turn a blind eye to an act that has already affecting so many lives.

Her mission is to bring sexual assault/abuse to the forefront of our society, and inspire survivors to be empowered by their individual stories of sexual assault/abuse and healing.

Brianna shares with us her story, her healing, and how she strives to make a difference. We have an incredible conversation where we discuss the #metoo movement, and how different healing techniques she tried, didn't work, and how she found what worked for her.

Please note that we do openly discuss sexual assault and ask that you listen at your own discretion. 

Check out Voices Beyond Assault at https://www.voicesbeyondassault.org/

Parenting Safe Children

Parenting Safe Children

August 13, 2020

This week’s guest on the Unveil your Voice Podcast is Feather Berkower. 

Feather Berkower, Founder of Parenting Safe Children, is a licensed clinical social worker and one of the nation’s leading experts in child sexual assault prevention. She has dedicated her career — which now spans over three decades — to educating parents and youth professionals on how to make their communities “off limits” to child sexual assault.

Using her community-based approach, she has trained over 150,000 school children, parents, and youth professionals across the United States.(from www.parentingsafechildren.com)

Feather and I have an important discussion on why it is important for Parents to actively teach not only their children about body safety rules and the correct terminology for private parts, but also to teach caregivers and those in the child’s circle. 

It truly was eye-opening to me, and we even utilized examples from my own life on how to teach my children. Feather truly takes a topic that is highly uncomfortable and scary for many and empowers parents and caregivers with the right tools and techniques to show that the topic is as simple as other safety factors we put into place with our children.

Check out this episode because Feather is insightful and inspiring through the work that she does to help families keep their children safe.

Please note that we openly discuss sexual abuse and we ask that you listen at your own discretion.

You can learn more about Feather, her courses, and book at www.parentingsafechildren.com and follow her on social media @parentingsafechildren.

Survivors of Color

Survivors of Color

August 4, 2020

Today, we are excited to introduce you to Patrice. 


Patrice runs a popular Instagram and Facebook page called Survivors of Color.Through her platform, she shares her story, along with supporting, educating, and empowering people of color who’ve experienced sexual violence.


She has taken some time to come on our podcast and blog to share her story, healing and what she hopes for with her platform, Survivors of Color. We openly discuss her story, different type of abuse, including coercion, and how her son has played a role in her own healing. We also talk about being intimate and learning how you want to be loved is and can a beautiful thing, and how it has helped her heal and knows it can help others as well.


Please note that during the conversation, we openly discuss sexual violence so for at any moment if you are feeling triggered, please pause and take care of yourself. If you feel comfortable listening with a friend, please do so, or if you are not up to listening, we totally understand. Self-care is a top priority and we want you to ensure to care for your self.


We hope you love today's episode and can't thank Patrice enough for the work that she does to help others!


You can find Patrice on Facebook and Instagram @survivorsofcolor and you can find her corresponding blog post here.

Maci Lynch - Survivor Story

Maci Lynch - Survivor Story

July 28, 2020

This week's guest is Maci Lynch who is coming on our podcast today to share her story.


Maci is a junior in high school. She enjoys reading, cooking, singing, baton twirling and photography. 


She has grown up helping her my brother, Evan, who is autistic and she is passionate about helping kids with special needs. 


She co-founded, Voices of Change, with her mom in 2018, after being a victim of sexual assault. She wants to speak to everyone, especially teens, letting them know the importance of speaking up, if they have been victims of abuse. She also would like to educate the community on prevention and the signs of sexual abuse and assault. 


Maci and I talk about everything and anything from her trauma that she experienced with her father, to when she was sexually assaulted, how she healed, the books she loves to read, including her favorite TV the Vampire Diaries. 


She was so much fun to talk to and her story is incredible. We hope you come to listen, with an open mind, and heart, and that her story helps you in some way.


You can find her cooresponding blog post here.

Follow her on instagram at @maci_lynch_voc

Survivor Story - Katie Seder

Survivor Story - Katie Seder

July 21, 2020

Katie Seder is our guest this week during our survivor series. She has become an amazing friend since she asked me to speak as a part of senior research project, and we are so excited to have our on our blog and podcast this week!

She is a survivor of sexual assault while she was in college. She is a strong believer of physical and mental health. Katie currently works in the beauty industry. She loves making others feel beautiful both inside and out. She found Voices of Hope while doing a college research project and has been involved ever since.

We discuss everything from her story of trauma, healing and how we can make changes in our world today especially around education. 

When it comes to education we chatted about her research project and the amazing work the We Will Organization is doing in creating educational tools for our schools.

Disclaimer: Please listen at your own discretion and if you are feeling triggered at any moment, please take time to care for yourself. Self-care is extremely important and we want you to feel safe.

You can check out Katie's corresponding blog post here.

Follow Katie on instagram @ktseder

Check out the We Will Organization at www.wewillorg.com and on instagram @we.will.organization


Survivor Story - Lucia Aybar

Survivor Story - Lucia Aybar

July 14, 2020

Our guest  this week is Lucia Aybar. 

She's an architect, working as a construction manager for what would be a Four Seasons.  She's passionate about music, she  started playing piano when she was 8 and still enjoys it as a way of therapy.  She's a community leader and moderator for a crowd source news outlet, Happs.  There she discovered the power of storytelling and that's what inspired her to start her own blog to share her story and it has become part of her healing process.

Lucia is a survivor and is truly an inspiring individual. We have the opportunity to work together in the past through Happs, a crowdsourced news platform and have developed a great friendship.

She wanted to come on to share her story to hopefully help others and share how culture played a big role in her own trauma and healing.

We hope you take a listen with an open heart and gain some amazing insights from this episode.


Follow Lucia's Blog on instagram at @21_canyourhearme

Check out Happs at https://happs.tv/

Survivor Story - Ilse Martin

Survivor Story - Ilse Martin

July 7, 2020

This month we are so excited to share 4 survivor stories.

You will have the opportunity to listen to 4 brave individuals share their experiences and their healing. The overall goal of all of them is the hope that sharing their story can help others.

With that said, we are excited to introduce Ilse Martin.

Ilse shares her story of being an undocumented person who experienced sexual abuse. She shares the struggles and fears she faced as she tried to move forward and heal. We discuss the process to get a visa, and where she is in the process. She shares with us different steps in her own healing. She is an incredible individual and so brave for wanting to share her story.

We encourage you to take a listen to her episode, but please note that we do openly discuss domestic violence and abuse, and we ask that you do listen at your own discretion.

Check out her corresponding blog post here.

That is Freedom

That is Freedom

June 30, 2020

This week our guest is Druw Biello. Druw has created a platform called, "That is Freedom."

"That Is Freedom is more than a social media page. It is an awareness campaign & an educational platform. Our purpose is to help educate the community about concepts such as: consent, rape culture, sexual violence, dating violence, mental illness, and more. Through advocacy, educational articles, fundraising, merchandise, and awareness movements, That Is Freedom hopes to educate the public and raise awareness about the issues listed above." “Together We Are Survivor Strong”

Druw and I discuss her own experience with sexual violence and abuse and why she started her platform. We discuss things that she used in her own healing that have helped her, the importance of writing and not keeping everything bottled up. We talk about her Raise up for Awareness Movement, where every month last year, she educated her community on a different stigmatized topic. She truly is working to make a change and you can hear it in her episode.

Find That is Freedom:

Instagram: @That_is_freedom

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatIsFreedom

Website: https://druwcam.wixsite.com/thatisfreedom

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